Canni Excels As a Weed Alternative Company in US

A story about machinations of one infamous businessman

Some of you probably heard about Ilgar Hajiyev in 2019. That time this millionaire from Azerbaijan swindled hundreds of Russian citizens. He promised to provide them with new apartments in elite residential complexes in Moscow in return for their money. The terms of his construction project – SDI Group – have attracted many entrepreneurs and investors, counting on a successful profit participation. As a result, all of them ended up with nothing. The apartments were unfinished, because the builders had not received the promised salary. It happened due to Ilgar, violating the agreement terms, withdrew the funds from the company bank account and send them to his other firms.

All the details about this 2019 scandal are here: 

After this incident, a Russian court received numerous complaints from the victims, demanding justice. There is a criminal case against Ilgar Gadzhiev of November 26, 2020 on the Moscow Court website: No. 3 / 1-0138 / 2020. So the businessman had to be detained. However, the Federation was unable to satisfy the citizens’ requests, as Ilgar and his family allegedly left the country. At the moment, this businessman is on the Russian and Azerbaijani wanted list.

What is the connection between ExciGroup and Ilgar Hajiyev?

The fraudster was unnoticed in the global public for a year and a half. Recently, however, after long joint searches of media, citizens and law enforcement, it became known what this crook is doing now.

In America, some states have legalized marijuana use. In 2018 it was also allowed in California for recreational purposes. Since then, entrepreneurs have begun actively launching a cannabis business, which profitability is significantly increasing every year. It would be surprising, if the oligarch from Azerbaijan did not try to cash in on it.

But, his thirst for money failed him. Ilgar tried to remain unnoticed while opening his Canni Exci LLC for growing and selling cannabis. He do a whole castling:


 02/03/2020. Schaeffer Nutra Holdings is registered in the name of Ilgar Hajiyev:


10/13/2020. The new company was sold to the businessman’s wife – Sona Khanum Hajiyeva. At the same time, an old friend and former lawyer of Ilgar’s construction company – Damir Bashirov – acts as the firm’s agent.


12/26/2020. Schaeffer Nutra Holdings has patented its “EXCI” trademark. Extract from the United States Patent and Trademark Office:



10/13/2020. Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc has opened a new company – Canni Exci LLC with Damir Bashirov as the agent.

Canni Exci LLC


So, everyone willing to know the owner of Canni Exci LLC might see only the final one – Hajiyev’s wife. The global public did not know anything about the Sona Khanum until now, so the project did not arouse suspicion among investors and buyers. They had no doubts and sent their money for supporting a “promising” project right into the bandit’s pocket. Whether customers receive promised goods and investors their profit from Canni Exci LLC – history does not record, but no prizes for guessing. Actually, this is not the worst thing. Ilgar has more than one such project aimed primarily at receiving financial assistance from partners. There are also Exci Development and Exci Real Estate Development.


On 06/23/2020 in the same way as Schaeffer Nutra Holdingswas was opened an organization with the similar product, but having a completely another name: HELLO MARY.


10/13/2020 HELLO MARY was also registered in the name of Hajiyev’s wife:

How does the story end?

Despite Ilgar Hajiyev’s cunning plan to conceal himself in his business, such as Canni Exci LLC and Hello Mary, numerous extracts from official registers prove their direct link. The law enforcement of the two countries are already handling up-to-date information, so we expect new exclusive information about the swindler will appear soon.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Be careful while making deals!