Canni Excels As a Weed Alternative Company in US

A story about machinations of one infamous businessman

Some of you probably heard about Ilgar Hajiyev in 2019. That time this millionaire from Azerbaijan swindled hundreds of Russian citizens. He promised to provide them with new apartments in elite residential complexes in Moscow in return for their money. The terms of his construction project – SDI Group – have attracted many entrepreneurs and investors, counting on a successful profit participation. As a result, all of them ended up with nothing. The apartments were unfinished, because the builders had not received the promised salary. It happened due to Ilgar, violating the agreement terms, withdrew the funds from the company bank account and send them to his other firms.

All the details about this 2019 scandal are here: 

After this incident, a Russian court received numerous complaints from the victims, demanding justice. There is a criminal case against Ilgar Gadzhiev of November 26, 2020 on the Moscow Court website: No. 3 / 1-0138 / 2020. So the businessman had to be detained. However, the Federation was unable to satisfy the citizens’ requests, as Ilgar and his family allegedly left the country. At the moment, this businessman is on the Russian and Azerbaijani wanted list.

What is the connection between ExciGroup and Ilgar Hajiyev?

The fraudster was unnoticed in the global public for a year and a half. Recently, however, after long joint searches of media, citizens and law enforcement, it became known what this crook is doing now.

In America, some states have legalized marijuana use. In 2018 it was also allowed in California for recreational purposes. Since then, entrepreneurs have begun actively launching a cannabis business, which profitability is significantly increasing every year. It would be surprising, if the oligarch from Azerbaijan did not try to cash in on it.

But, his thirst for money failed him. Ilgar tried to remain unnoticed while opening his Canni Exci LLC for growing and selling cannabis. He do a whole castling:


 02/03/2020. Schaeffer Nutra Holdings is registered in the name of Ilgar Hajiyev:


10/13/2020. The new company was sold to the businessman’s wife – Sona Khanum Hajiyeva. At the same time, an old friend and former lawyer of Ilgar’s construction company – Damir Bashirov – acts as the firm’s agent.


12/26/2020. Schaeffer Nutra Holdings has patented its “EXCI” trademark. Extract from the United States Patent and Trademark Office:



10/13/2020. Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc has opened a new company – Canni Exci LLC with Damir Bashirov as the agent.

Canni Exci LLC


So, everyone willing to know the owner of Canni Exci LLC might see only the final one – Hajiyev’s wife. The global public did not know anything about the Sona Khanum until now, so the project did not arouse suspicion among investors and buyers. They had no doubts and sent their money for supporting a “promising” project right into the bandit’s pocket. Whether customers receive promised goods and investors their profit from Canni Exci LLC – history does not record, but no prizes for guessing. Actually, this is not the worst thing. Ilgar has more than one such project aimed primarily at receiving financial assistance from partners. There are also Exci Development and Exci Real Estate Development.


On 06/23/2020 in the same way as Schaeffer Nutra Holdingswas was opened an organization with the similar product, but having a completely another name: HELLO MARY.


10/13/2020 HELLO MARY was also registered in the name of Hajiyev’s wife:

How does the story end?

Despite Ilgar Hajiyev’s cunning plan to conceal himself in his business, such as Canni Exci LLC and Hello Mary, numerous extracts from official registers prove their direct link. The law enforcement of the two countries are already handling up-to-date information, so we expect new exclusive information about the swindler will appear soon.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Be careful while making deals!

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Mortgage Refinance Rates

Mortgage refinance rates are actually the interest rates that the borrower has to pay while repaying the refinance loan. Mortgage means depositing a certain amount of asset to the lender in the time of taking the loan. This asset works like a guarantee of your loan. If you cannot repay the loan and the interest amount in right time then the lender can take away your asset.

Refinance is a small loan that can be opted to pay back one big loan. If you feel that you cannot pay back the amount in the scheduled time, then you should definitely go for a refinancing option. By getting that small loan, you can pay back your previous loan easily. Usually these loans are of small amount and the interest rates are also very low. Before opting for a mortgage refinance loan you must be aware of all the limitations it has. You need to keep some very important points in your mind. Whenever you apply for a refinance loan you have to pay some upfront fees. The mortgage refinance rates depend on these fees. If you pay the maximum amount as down payment, then your interest rate will be very low.

The best advantage of refinancing is you can save your money to some extent. But you need to play carefully. Before applying for this, you need to compare your savings and your expenditure. If you find that the amount you have saved is lesser than the amount you had to pay while opting for this refinance, then definitely reject it. Mortgage refinance rates have some other advantages as well. They are meant to curtail a lot of the amount that you have to pay as a mortgage payment. This will provide some extra cash in your hand. The best part is, there is no bindings on the spending of this extra cash. You can spend it wherever you want.

There are various types of mortgage refinance rates available.

Fixed mortgage refinance rates

This is a static kind of interest rate. It never goes up or come down. The reason behind this is that it has nothing to do with the market condition. Usually some rates fluctuate with the market price. But this particular rate is not like that. If you want a secured rate then this is the appropriate choice for you because it will never go up and you will never have to pay any kind of extra interest rate.

Adjustable mortgage refinance rates

This specific type of interest rate totally depends on the market condition. If the market price goes up then the interest rate rises. If the opposite happens then the rate comes down. If you want to take a bit risk, then you can go for it. A big advantage of this kind of mortgage rate is, if you find that you cannot manage with this rate, and then you can just refinance and go back to the fixed rate mortgage.

Balloon mortgage refinance rates

Balloon rate mortgage is a mixture of both adjustable rate mortgage and fixed rate mortgage. This is a very important part of mortgage refinance rates. For a certain period of time it works like fixed rate mortgage and after that for time it works like adjustable rate mortgage.

Refinancing Second Mortgage

Are you thinking about refinancing your second mortgage? There are two options available to you for refinancing second mortgage, you can refinance just the second mortgage or you can refinance both your first home loan and your second home loan into one. The best option is to refinance both of your loans into the one mortgage rather than to keep having two, the only reason you might consider just refinancing the second mortgage is if your first mortgage is at a great fixed interest rate and you want to keep it that way.

For most people however, the best option is to refinance both mortgages into one, by doing so you will be able to reduce your overall interest rates because you will have an improved credit rating by only having one loan. So before you do a second mortgage refinance be sure to think about if it is in your best interests to keep two mortgages or just one.

Thinking of getting a second mortgage?

There are many benefits to taking out a second mortgage. For example, a second mortgage is often used as a line of credit on your home to help finance other purchases. There are a few reasons for a second mortgage and there are a few ways that an individual can get one, it is a way of taking the equity that is in your home and putting it to use. A second mortgage may be the answer to your economic needs and should be considered by most home owners. A second mortgage is secured in the same way as the first, and is based on the equity in your home, which is the value of your home less your current mortgage.

Equity in your home can be achieved if your home has increased in value or you have payed a significant portion off of your original home loan. Many people have taken out a second mortgage to leverage against increases in there homes value so that they can make other large purchases, such as buying an investment property. It is easy to get a second mortgage today because of competition in the mortgage rate market, those who are thinking of taking out a second mortgage or refinancing second mortgage should find it relatively easy to do.

Although it is easy to get a second mortgage, and indeed many people currently have a second mortgage, it may not necessarily be a good financial decision to have two home loans. Getting a second mortgage may in fact be unwise as you will probably not be able to get a great interest rate on your second mortgage because of the significant debt you already hold in your first mortgage, which will weaken your credit rating. So rather than get a second mortgage it may be a far wiser choice to simply refinance your current home loan for a larger amount if your are planning on making a large purchase of some kind.

There are a lot of individuals who will deal with a second mortgage refinance at some point in their lives, and going to the best financial professionals is important with this sort of activity. It is important to go to a sound financial institution and one that has been in business for a long time so that you get the best deal possible on your mortgage refinance. Remember to compare lenders to get the best rates on your refinancing second mortgage. Also keep your credit score high for the best rates, and be sure to look at the paperwork before signing any finance loan and make sure it is going to be something you can afford.

Best Tips And Ideas For Mortgage Refinances

Do you know the best tips and ideas for a mortgage refinance? Most people have no ideas what to do when it comes to a mortgage refinance and to tell you the truth it is really hard to trust anybody in the industry since they might be getting a commission. If you want to refinance your home I strongly recommend first doing some research yourself so that you aren’t going into a lenders office with no knowledge of the situation.

Do you know when you should refinance your mortgage?

Most people don’t have a clue when is the best time to refinance their mortgage and that is what I first want to help you with. The first thing you need to know about refinancing is that it isn’t for everybody. Most commonly people who refinance their mortgage do so because of a lower interest rate, change of employment and even an increased credit score. These are just some of the more common reason people do a refinance but another one that some love is refinancing with the goal of pulling equity from their home.

Tips and ideas when refinancing

Know what you are doing – The first thing is that you need to know what you are doing. Like I said before you need to do your research in order to learn about your current mortgage, the options you have, your credit history, your current income and even the lender itself. The reason why you need to know all this stuff is because you never know when the lender might try to pull a fast one on you with the hopes you have no idea what is going on.

Get the best rate – Like with anything and just like when you signed for your existing mortgage you want to get the best rate. If you don’t get the best rate then is there really a point to go through with the refinance? Most people will say that any rate is better than what they have but that is up to you to determine and so you will have to know when the rate is good enough to act on.

Don’t take too much out – This is really only for those who plan on taking equity out of their home. The reason you don’t want to take much out is for two reasons; first because you don’t want to have the balance of the loan almost at the value of the home in case the market collapses again in which you will owe more than your house is worth, the second reason is because taking too much out of your home will trigger PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) which is normally when the balance is more than 80% of the home’s value.

Shop around – The last thing you need to understand is that you must shop around for the best interest rates. Most people only go to one lender in order to get their rates and to ask what the current going rate is but lenders will only give you the current rate for their company, not any others. Always shop around with at least 3 different lenders that way you know you are getting the best rate.

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…or refinance 1st,  2nd mortgage loan, refinance or equity loan?

Your home equity loan can help you finance your child’s college education or take a once in a lifetime vacation. Beware what you are using the money for. Sometimes a personal loan may be more ideal than refinancing your house. Though it is also a good option for many who need to come up with cash for various expenses. Refinancing your home can be a smart thing to do if you are using the money wisely.

Mortgage calculators are handy for home loan refinance or equity loan?

Home equity loans are pretty easy to obtain for most homeowners. Provided they have the income to repay it. Having already paid into your mortgage proves you are a good credit risk and will allow lenders to approve your loan easier. If you are overextended on your income though you may not qualify for a home equity loan. A home equity loan should not be a substitute for credit counseling. If your finances are a mess you will want to straighten them out first before proceeding with applying for a home equity loan. To determine the best approach, use a refinance loan home mortgage rates calculator to find the perfect loan program for your budget.

1st 2nd loan mortgage refinance or equity loan?

When you apply for your home equity loan the amount will be based on how much your house is worth and how much you have already paid into your existing mortgage. The more equity you have in your house the larger the amount will be that you are able to borrow. This is a good option if you have put a lot of work into your home or have owned it for a length of time. The more you put in the more you will get out of it.

1st 2nd loan mortgage refinance or equity loan?

A home equity loan is generally not as long as a regular mortgage loan. Though it can be repaid from 5 years to 30 years. You will have the choice of what kind of repayment plan you can obtain with you home equity loan. Most home equity loans are generally 15 year loans. This is most standard but it can be changed to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Being able to borrow money form your existing mortgage is a good choice for many over personal loans. The interest may also be lower if you have good credit, making a home equity loan a more attractive option as well over other types of loan.